Not so secure

Any chance there could be a view only username feature added? How about assigning a start page to each user?

Also, admin cannot remove a user unless you know the users password. What if a user changes their password due to a password expiration and then later that user leaves the company. There is no way to delete that user? Why not create an admin account that has access to manage the accounts?

Please and Thank You!

Hi AEC Nate,

Thanks for your input. Its just the sort of ‘real world’ experience we want here in the forums.
Because your post is more a ‘this-needs-fixing’ rather than a ‘how-do-I’, you really need to cut and paste this forum post into an email to
They will issue you with a ticket number and thus a way of tracking the issue.

The sooner you do that, the sooner the engineers can get working on it.