Node-RED Update Version 5 breaks port 1880 / 3000

Upgrading Node-RED Update Version from 4 to 5 breaks port 1880 and 3000. Following the update, any attempt to connect to https://groovIP:1880 or :3000 results in “This site can’t be reached” or “Unable to connect” despite leaving the tabs open and connected prior to the update. Terminating and restarting the browser (Chrome and/or Firefox) has no effect. Manually restarting the AR-1 has no effect. This leaves three AR-1 boxes unmanageable. Flows can’t monitored or changed and the NodeRED service can’t be started/stopped.

What version of groov Admin are you running?
We have done this update many times and never had this issue. (But it does depend on version of groov Admin you are at).

The three “problem” AR-1s are running groov admin 1.570.50.48435 and groov view version R4.0c (r48713). The fix suggested by tech support worked and involved upgrading NodeRED version 4 to 5, cycling power, then upgrading from version 5 to version 5 and cycling power again.

That’s correct.
We have a hard (very hard) to track down problem with Node-RED admin v50 where some AR1’s will not start Node-RED after the upgrade. (That’s why I asked what version of groov Admin you were running).
You have good advice from our Product Support Group, thanks for reaching out to them.