Node-RED Update Fails

I’m trying to update my Node-RED to version 4. I’m using this file:


I have the right version of Groov Admin (see below). I’ve gone thorough the update process successfully twice. I even stopped NR to make sure. Here is what I see after the update:

More info:

Do I have an old version of NR Admin? If so where do I get it? I don’t see it in my


I was able to make this work by upgrading Groov Admin to 1.570.48. Once I did that NR updated just fine. You’ll notice from the above I was at 1.570.46 and it didn’t work.

I would strongly suggest you guys update your Node-RED Read Me to reflect what I have discovered. Might save someone else a lot of time and frustration.


Thanks for letting us know about this! We’ll take a look and get it updated.

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