Node-Red SpB SCADA

I have a moquitto broker setup on a raspberry pi on my network. The data is then being retrieved by Canary. I am trying to figure out how to utilize the “store and forward” in the SparkplugB node.

I am not sure what should be going into this “Destination” field.

I have not worked with this node before, so I’m a bit unfamiliar with exactly how it works, and I don’t see any reference to store and forward or “Destination” in their documentation. This wasn’t created by Opto so none of our engineers are likely to know what that is.

A good starting point may be to just use your device hostname and see if that works?

You may have better luck asking over at the Node-RED forums or the node developer’s GitHub repository for the package.

Is my understanding incorrect that Canary only accepts a SparkplugB payload? Is there an easier way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish, feel free to flesh it out and we can guide as best as we can…

That said, I don’t think Canary is store and forward ‘aware’, so it will not back fill your offline data, but I could be wrong.
It would for sure be worth a few minutes for you to contact Canary and ask them.

The only process that I am aware will ‘just work’ out of the box for store and forward is Ignition.
You can use the native groov EPIC/RIO MQTT client in groov Manage, or Ignition running on groov hardware and then an Ignition system that is subscribed to the topic.

As @torchard said, we are not sure how the Node-RED sparkplug node author has implemented the store and forward in that node. Be worth reaching out to him.

Bottom line we are not saying it wont work, we are saying we don’t have enough facts to say for sure either way.

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