Node-Red SNAP PAC Write Node table index


I was trying to use the SNAP PAC Write Node to update a particular index of a table. I see you can specify this in the node, but is there a way to specify this from a variable in the payload? My flow will not know which index to write to at design time.


This snip from the Info tab of the write node;


As you can see, you can pass vars in as either values or the tableStartIndex.
It just has to be an int32.


Oh good, very very good. I’ll have to revisit that. One issue I have with Node-RED is that I am ALWAYS sitting on the Debug window, so I kind of forget about the info tab. (And a lot of nodes are just poorly documented, so the info tab isn’t really useful a lot of the time.)


You know, you have really good info on that info tab - why isn’t it on Unless I am missing that - I DID go and look there… sigh.