Node-RED Projects

Related to modifying the settings.js file. Does the Opto Rio or Epic support this modification?

editorTheme: {
projects: {
enabled: true

I’d like to use the project functionality of node-red for git repository control.


Welcome to the forums Joseph!

Your timing is both amazing and just off a little < grin >

@torchard and have been talking about the Node-RED project feature for GitHub versioning.
We want to investigate and figure it out, then write a forum post, whether it’s possible or not.
If it is, then we plan on a blog and video to round out the feature.

So the fact that your post came in just now is great.
Sadly, we have not yet looked into it and don’t have a yes / no answer.

Also, I hope you don’t mind, but the Project feature is different from changing the editor theme, so I started a new thread for this question.

No worries about making a new post. I went back and forth on creating a new topic.

Good deal; I am glad you all are also looking into this. I was surprised I did not see more detail on this when I googled it.

I will eventually have somewhere between 60-80 opto devices deployed across the country using node-red. It would be great to have version control with git repository and branches.

I went ahead a tried to modify the “settings.js” file on a Rio device I had at my desk.

I modified the “settings.js” file located at:


I simply changed enabled from false to true under the editorTheme.

I did a restart of Node-Red and a reboot of the device. The good news is the device is operating like normal. The bad news is I saw no changes to node-red, i.e., no project feature like I have running in my Linux VM.

It seems enabling this feature may not be as easy or as straightforward as it was on my Linux VM.