Node-Red Opto22 Error documentation

Would you have a resource for a list of Error codes that you may receive when working with the Opto22 Node-Red Pallet?

A standard list of Error codes would help me trouble shoot faster!

Since the Node-RED node simply uses the REST interface, you can find all your error codes in the (back of the) PAC Control users guide.

It states as much at the bottom of the ‘info’ tab in Node-RED (Don’t panic, you would not be the first to miss it).

I can recommend using the Catch Node while you are getting things sorted, its helpful in all sorts of flows.

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Thanks, I will consult the PAC guide for errors, as well as install a catch node on new projects.

Also in PAC Control Basic, under Help > Error Lookup, you can enter any Error code and get a response.

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