Node Red - Not Loading (Firewall ?)


I am experiencing a slight problem with Node-Red and what I can only assume is a traffic rule in the router firewall.

I have configured ports 80,443,2001,22001 and 2002 and can access Groov View (All functions) Groov Manage all functions, and can download strategies from PAC Controller however when trying to access my Node-Red flows the starts loading but then hangs by “Loading Nodes”.

I have tried allowing traffic through port 1880 with no success.

Any advice on what I am missing ?

I have read the documentation and as far as I can see configured all the ports and traffic rules that are mentioned.

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Hi Robin. Welcome to the forums.

Out of the box Node-RED is not secure with no HTTPS and no user/password authentication.
The groov RIO and EPIC take care of that for you by putting the Node-RED web server (port 1880) behind our HTTPS port 443.
You can see this as all services for RIO and EPIC are all on that one port (443) and just use different URLs.
This means direct from the factory, our users don’t have to open any extra ports to access any of the core features, like Node-RED… So you can drop the port 1880, there is no software listening on that port.

Here is my groov EPIC firewall settings where I do a ton of Node-RED work:

I don’t use CodeSys, so have turned off those ports.

BTW, port 80 is automatic forward to port 443 as a matter of convenience for our users if they forget to put the S on the back of the HTTP host name… there is no service listening on port 80.

Sounds like there is a network issue with the computer, router or EPIC.

Are you trying to access the EPIC across the Internet? (Hence the router).
What role does the router play? Is it a cable router or cell modem?
Are you using Eth0 or Eth1 on the EPIC?
Can you draw out a simple diagram and shoot a picture of it with your phone so we can see if there are any network settings that jump out us.

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Hi Beno,

Thanks for the response, been on the forum’s a while however could not remember by login in detail. :slight_smile:

Recent changes to Exchange driven mail saw the expiration of my old email address, hence I could not use your remember password facility. Let me know if there is a away I can merge profiles ?

Long story short, short story long, back to the topic at hand.

I am also fairly confident that the problem at hand is router driven.

It is the first time I am using this router and it requires a very good understanding of how to setup the firewall and traffic rules. Something I have limited knowledge of.

The router is the Teltonika RUT950. Very powerful in functionality.

The finishing goal is to use the cellular WAN as a back door for maintenance and system upgrades via VPN. Strangely enough I have managed to get all this working on eth1 with little fuss. Using a VPN to my remote server. (even accessing Node-Red via WAN)

I am however encountering the majority of my headaches on the LAN side. I do not believe it is related to the PC, reason for saying this is that when I connect a cable directly between the PC and the PR1, I can access the full scope of the PR1 and Node-Red without interruption. In my office development environment same (working through switch), no problem which would indicate something small is missing in the traffic rules of the new router. Reading through your networking guides, I think I have ticked all the checkboxes.

I have included setup info on the PR1, Router Firewall port forwarding and traffic rules for you to have a gander. With this setup I can access and operate all functions except Node-Red (see image of point it hangs).
Port forwarding Rules:

I will send the rest in separate reply’s as the forum only allows me one embedded image


Traffic Rules

Comm Overview:

I asked around the office and none of us here have any knowledge or experience with that router.
As you say, it seems very powerful (and somewhat complex).

Since it works directly between the PC and EPIC, it does point to a router/LAN configuration issue.
Are you accessing the EPIC via IP address or host name when going through the router and seeing the issue with Node-RED? If by host name, try the IP address and see how that goes, it might point you in the direction of some trouble shooting.

Thanks Beno,

accessing via host name.

When using IP address I do not get past the loading screen for Groov View (configured to startup into Groov View)