Node-Red Modbus Error Exception 2

I am trying to communicate with a VFD over Modbus RTU.
Using Modscan with a USB-Serial adapter and my laptop as master, I am able to view this register:


However, when I try to do this in Node-Red using the groov Epic and CSERI-4, I get error
“Error: Modbus exception 2: Illegal data address (register not supported by device)”
I have made sure that the VFD has the right communication settings and that the polarity is correct.


Modbus Node Settings:

Anyone have any suggestions?

EDIT: here is the manual for VFD I am trying to poll

Have you got a screenshot of the Modbus node settings for the register?
You provided one for the serial port which we think is working.

I’m not sure what you mean sorry, an image from Modscan?

There are 2 main menus in the modscan node, the register menu and the serial port menu.

Looking for a screenshot of the register menu… This one…

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Ah that’s why I’m so confused, I am using the flex-getter node. Sorry about that.

Also, I restarted node-red through groov manage and it seems to work now. Not sure what was going on before.