Node-Red Installing Opto22 Nodes via Epic, Firewall?

I’ve a couple ‘newbie’ questions, I couldn’t find any related topics of the Node-Red or Epic forum pages.

We are setting up our first Epic system, I have a Win10 laptop connected and it all works fine. I’m trying to set up Node-Red for use and am trying to install the Node-Red nodes for Opto22. I am connected via Ethernet port 0 on the Epic directly to the internet, I can ping the Google server ( The Node-Red package on the laptop is connected to the Epic via a hub on Ethernet port 1 at the internal IP of But when I go to ‘Manage Palette’ it does not connect to the internet, it throws error’s ‘Failed to load node catalog. Check to browser console for more information’. I think Node-Red on the laptop does not see the internet connection on port 0 on the Epic? The laptop only has one Ethernet port, which is connected to the Epic port 1. I noticed the Epic firewall does not have a ‘Role’ for Node-Red, does it need one? Maybe disconnect the laptop from the Epic and plug into the internet and run Node-Red that way, would that work? I posted a similar question on the Epic forum as well. Thanks for the assistance. Dave

A diagram might really help here… I drew one from what I think you described.
How close did I get?

A few comments.

  1. The EPIC is NOT a router. You can not get from one port to the other through the EPIC.
    So if my diagram is correct, the laptop will not be able to surf the web. In this case, that’s fine, it does not need to be able to.
  2. The laptop is not running Node-RED, the EPIC is. The laptop is just a web browser.
  3. There does not need to be a firewall rule for Node-RED since its running on port 443. The same as groov Manage/groov View.

To try and understand why the EPIC can not reach the internet, be sure and be running the latest 1.4.3 firmware and then use the network diagnostic tools to test your network connection to the Internet.
You can find those tools at the bottom of the network page of groov Manage.

If all this looks and sounds good, and it is still not able to reach the Node-RED servers to install the Nodes, then we will need to see your network configuration to help you set it up correctly.

Ben, Thanks for the prompt reply.
a) your diagram is correct
b) Epic running 1.4.3-b130
c) My ‘Network’ setup looks like yours, I see the ‘Diagnostics’, but what should I check:
Ping, Test TCP Port, Traceroute, NSLookup
When I had Eth1 connected to the external Internet, I was able to ‘ping’ Google (
I think I had my Ethernet ports switched in my original post, sorry. Actual, Eth0 is the actual internal network, Eth1 is disconnected.

Please take a screen shot (or photograph) of your network settings page.
Something is not right with your gateways. For some reason the EPIC is confused what gateway it should use.
I suspect that you have a static IP on one port and a DHCP address on the other.

Ben, Here you go. Currently this shows ‘only’ our little Control Network on ‘Eth0’, this is connected to a small hub where our Win10 laptop is running and connected to the Epic via Chrome browser. We are using a static IP. Eth1 is currently not connected and is set ‘by default’ to Automatic (DHCP).


So here is the correct diagram…

There is no connection to the Internet which is why you can not install the node.
You need to get your little network on to a network that has a gateway to the Internet to be able to install nodes from

Ben, OK. Earlier I did try plugging directly into the hub with an Ethernet cable that has direct access to the internet and not into Eth1. It did not seem to work for Node-Red access. Connecting to the ‘control network’ hub should work. I’ll try it again. This would be leaving Eth1 set to ‘Automatic (DHCP)’ correct?
Thanks Dave

Its hard to say… the bottom of your network settings is missing (not shown) in your screen shot, so I dont know where your gateway is pointing to.

The ‘Network Options’ is the last window before Diagnostics. It say shows ‘DNS Server 1’


Please scroll down on the network settings and take a screen shot of the gateway IP address section.

This is from the ‘Configure’ link on the ‘Network’ screen:
It shows ‘no’ Gateway Address’

That’s a problem then.
The EPIC does not know how to get into the Internet when you try and install the Node.
Perhaps look in the computer and find what the gateway IP address is and manually enter that along with the static IP address it has.

Also scroll down and look at what you have for DNS servers.
You should have something in there so you can resolve the name ‘’ into an IP address.

Okay, I’ll get back at it tomorrow and let you know.

Ben, Sorry for the long lapse of communication, we are working with an Opto Application Engineer on this as well. Still trying/testing, he may come to our office this week. Will keep yo posted

FYI: Just wanted to update you on our progress. In working with an Opto App Engineer, we got it to work.
The Win10 laptop that is connected to the Epic controller via Eth0 port has to have external internet access. Also, the Epic controller required external internet access set up on Eth1 aside from the Ethernet connection to the Win10 laptop via Eth0. Not sure of the ‘whys’, but this was the only way it would download/install the Opto nodes. Maybe something new or I just misunderstood the proper setup. Thanks Dave