Node-RED Dashboard Keeps Losing Connection with RIO

Hello - I have configured a dashboard to control a curing oven. Using Edge or Chrome, I can easily connect to the RIO server, and the dashboard loads, running properly. After a minute or so, the dashboard freezes and any controls are non-functional. I try reloading the page, and it then times-out and can no longer connect to the server. I must be missing something pretty fundamental, as this is my first foray using Node-RED. Any ideas?

It does sound a bit odd.

Wifi or Ethernet?
Do you have a graph on your dashboard? If so, how many pens and over what time span?
How many pages in the dashboard?

I tried both WiFi and Ethernet (X-over cable), same results. I do have a graph, 3 pens with a 6-hour time span. One page.

Back up the flow, delete the graph and give it a go.

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I’ll give it try. Thanks!

That did it. Deleted the graph and the connection is solid. Is my time span too long (6 hrs)? The flow seemed to work well when I had a 1-hour time span with one pen.

Yeah, in my experience the graphs in Node-RED are a bit touchy.
Hence when you said you have a 3 pen graph my caution flag goes up.
Try taking the time span out and test different number of points. As you bump up the points, the time will open up. I found that points are less heavy than time span. Keep the 3 pens, but yeah, test points rather than time.