Node-red-contrib-ui-led Alternative?


The node-red-contrib-ui-led doesn’t seem to work in a Groov RIO. can anyone recommend something similar for status indication?


Welcome to the forums Nick.

That node does seem a little fragile.
At first install on my 3.0.1 RIO it did not work. Threw an error about not being able to find the dashboard node. (Note you can see the Node-RED log in groov Manage - Info and Help - very helpful to know what error you are getting).
I asked one of our software engineers to take a look and see if it was us or them… Its them…

Uninstalling and reinstalling it did not make any difference, but what got it going was just doing a ‘Restart’ of Node-RED from groov Manage.
The LED is now working as it should on the dashboard hosted by the RIO.

So, in short. Make sure you are running the latest RIO firmware (Thats 3.0.1 at the time of posting this).

Make sure you are using the latest Dashboard nodes - 2.25.0
Make sure you are using the latest LED node - 0.3.3

If you are having trouble seeing it on the dashboard, try restarting Node-RED from groov Manage.
Make sure you have correctly configured the dashboard page its on and try a full deploy of the flow (not a changes only deploy).

Lets know how you get on.

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