Does anyone have experience with this node?

I have hired a system integrator to integrate a Groov Epic with a Honeywell Thermostat connected to the Samsung Smartthings hub to help a person with a disability change the temperature in his apartment. After 2 hours the system integrator is stuck. The thermostat is clearly connected and visible through the samsung smartthings interface but we can’t seem to get the node red node to work. I have identified two node-red configurations instructions that I think the system integrator my not be understanding because he has never worked with a samsung smarthings hub. I could supply the configuration instructions I think he is not understanding.

Hi Ron.
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I have asked around the office and none of the guys here have any Samsung or Smartthings home automation gear…
Its tough to test the nodes without any hardware…

That said, I am sure you and the integrator have already hit the web, but just in case…
There seems to be some open issues on the Node itself;
There seems to be plenty of discussion on the Node-RED forums; and a little on the thermostat

Can you hit the Honeywell Thermostat via a HTTP request? Perhaps you could control it directly rather than going through the Smartthings hub?

Thank you. The honeywell thermostat does not have a published API. An engineer in Europe partially reverse engineered and documented some HTTP requests on the internet 3 years ago. Because it is an unpublished API I transitioned to the Samsung Smartthings Hub because it has a published API. I sent an email to the Brazilian engineer who authored the nodered smartthings code and I am trying to hire him to assist my Opto22 system integrator.

I’m confused.

Is there something wrong with just using the Honeywell app to control the thermostat?

If you want a local published API, there are other thermostat manufacturers that have this - Venstar and Radio Thermostat are two that I know of.

The person with an intellectual disability does not have the ability to use the Honeywell TCC app due to his intellectual disability. While he understands he is too cold or too hot he does not really understand temperature. The Groov Epic will be used to set lower & upper setpoint limits for Heating & Cooling and shift both the heating and cooling setpoints up and down simultaneously separated by 5F for the thermostat that is auto-changeover mode.

Thank you for the thermostat information, as this is an apartment, physically changing out a thermostat is administratively complicated and a last resort that I will explore if necessary.

Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. Good luck.