Node-red-contrib-ftp Only Allowing GET & LIST

I’m trying to install node-red-contrib-ftp in order to copy a file from my Groov EPIC’s filesystem to a remote FTP server. I’m open to other ways of accomplishing this task, but this seems to be a good option. I installed the package using the palette manager, and then restarted my controller’s Node-RED runtime. When I do that, they only options I get in the FTP node are GET and LIST, not PUT or DELETE. I confirmed that the connecting is working because I can successfully run the LIST command, but that’s not what I need. I’m 99% certain this isn’t a permission issue on the FTP server, either. When I run the LIST function, I see the rights object listing rwx rights for user, group, and other.

Are these the options you’re referring to?

Also, what firmware version do you have? I can see PUT and DELETE on my EPIC running 3.0.0-b62 firmware, Node-RED v1.1.3, and node-red-contrib-ftp at version 0.0.6

@torchard: thanks for the response. Another restart of the Node-RED runtime fixed my issue and I got it working correctly.

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Great to hear!

Weird that it glitched out like that, but thanks for checking back and letting us know it’s working now.