Node-red and Groov View Text Area


Is that possible using node-red Groov Write Node to write data from text file into Text Area Gadget in Groov View? So that the Text Area Gadget could display data on Groov View.
Or there is another way to show text file on Groov View?

How big is the text file you are trying to display?
Is there a new line character at the end of each line?
Or is the file something like a CSV file?

Hi Beno,

The file is stored inside Epic so wouldn’t too big. There is a new line character at the end of each line in the file. But I am not able to display as same as text file using Textbox and TextValue Gadget. I want to try using Text Area, but I couldn’t inside the value using Groov Write Node.
I am trying to create something that display like a log file. Come out with the idea, save data into epic unsecured file and display on groov view. Something similar like below image:

Above with border line box is using Text Box Gadget. Below it is Text Value Gadget.
Those button use to clear the text.file(delete data) and also record (new Date()) into text file.

I think what you are looking for is this;

That post shows how to make a rolling log file. Always showing the latest at the top.


Thanks Beno, I will go explore on it.