Newbie Question regarding EB2s

Appologies for newbie things but I have to start somewhere.

I’ve got a 4 module rack with an EB2 connected to a power supply (SNAP-PS5). Also the
latest PAC Manager interface code 9.2. I’m running on a Dell Inspiron 5520 with Windows 7
64 bit.

I’m attempting to determine what state the EB2 is in (don’t know if it has an IP established or not)

Here’s my questions:

  1. Should I be trying to interface directly from my network interface card with the EB2 (ethernet 1 on the card)? I’m keeping the connection off my intranet due to DHCP which I understand is something the documentation says to avoid.

  2. The documentation says that for an EB2 any ethernet cable should work. I take this to mean that a crossover cable isn’t needed. And that’s my next question is a crossover cable really not needed? With a statndard cable I’m seeing a flashing ACT light as well as a flashing NS (all other lights are green and steady). I did make a crossover cable but given that I got no flashing ACT I assume I screwed up one or both ends.

  3. Lastly, I’m using a static IP address on the Windows machine. This seems ok when I’m connected to my intranet but as soon as I connect to the EB2 I can see that I’ve got an unidentifed network and no network access in IPv4 or IPv6. I wonder what this is telling me? Is there a relation between the static address on my Windows machine and the EB2?

There is definately a relation between the EB2 IP and the computer’s IP when I have a fully functioning system as both need to be able to communicate. But I wonder if this matters when your just trying to “see” the EB2 and maybe set its address.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Dave,

Welcome to the forums! I’ll offer a few suggestions here, but also keep in mind that Product Support is Free! and they’d be happy to help you sort this out. Email is easy to remember:

If only the ACT light is blinking, then it sounds like your EB2 already has an IP address. (Otherwise, you’d see the STAT light blink continuously.)

If your network hardware and IP settings are such that your PC and EB2 are on the same physical and logical network, you can use PAC Manager to “Find” that device. From PAC Manager’s [B]Tools [/B]menu, select [B]Find Opto 22 MMP devices[/B]… then click the [B]Find [/B]button.

If your device does NOT show up there with any of the network configurations you think are likely to go with the IP address in there, you’re probably better off re-setting the IP address and starting over. Requires a paper clip, and the manual has detailed steps for that. I’d just use a regular cable plugged into your regular local network (DHCP shouldn’t be a problem) when you get ready to assign the new address using PAC Manager.

Hope that helps!

Hi OptoMary,

Thanks for the advice! Resetting the IP sure helped.