Newbie PAC Display question

Hello, I am very new and using PAC Display R10.2A. This is probably an incredibly basic question, so forgive me if the answer is apparent and I missed it.

I have a main window displaying data and a graph, and an “alert” window that pops up when maximum pressure is reached. Everything works perfectly. When I first start the display project, though, both windows are open. Is there a way to hide the alert window when the display project first starts?

From PAC Display Configurator.
Click on the top menu, Configure -> Runtime.
Tick the box ‘Use Default’, then click on ‘Define Default’ button.
When that dialog box opens, click your graph window name and move it to open.
Make sure all others are closed.

The help is pretty, uh, well, helpful…

Let me know if that is not clear… More than happy to answer any questions to get you up and running the way you need.

That was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you very much.

And yes, the Help has been very helpful and I did search through it a bit. But being new to Opto and Display, I don’t always have the terminology correct. I didn’t realize I needed to search for “Draw Window”, but instead just used “window” which came up with a thousand results. Now I know that’s what Display calls all non-URL windows. I’ll get better the more I use it though.

Yeah no problem.
It is a bit daunting with loads of menus and options.

Happy to help any time we can!