New user strategy quetions

Hi Guys, Looking for some advice on my strategy build,
I am unsure how to manage an estop to pause the project and resume, when cleared,
This will be a light curtain for operator saftey.

Is best practice to run a second chart ?

2nd question is around limit switches , would you process them in each block or run another chart to action flags, agaisnt the switches being on and off,

These are two things that have stumped me today in the creation of my first strategy .

Thanks Jeremy NZ

Hi Jeremy, welcome to the forums. I would use a separate chart for both. This way if you have any delays in your main logic chart the safety triggers will not have to wait for the delays to finish.
It will also give you the ability to perform safety process like stopping motors etc. while the estop is in effect.

Hi Norm,
I have found the cookie factory example,
It has seperate charts doing just this, Of which it has shown me examples of what I am attempting
Thankyou for your advice.