Networking Question Involving Fiber and Groov

So this question may deal directly with Groov but it may affect the network the Groov AR1 is on. I have been having the yellow exclamation marks appear from time to time. This last weekend our IT guy was in and we discovered that whoever installed the plants camera system had put a fiber connection on the PLC fiber junction box that is used to connect two Panels from two seperate buildings. I unplugged this when i saw it and of course everyone got upset because the cameras went down. So to get to the point, can an IP camera network share the same fiber run as a PLC network pending there are no IP address conflicts? Just a side note the Groov seemed to Poll the tags faster when thw Camera network was unplugged. Thanks in advance for thw help.

I don’t think your question or the answer to your question has anything to do with the AR1.
It sounds like you’re dealing with some network related issues due to the new hardware. How do you know there are no IP conflicts?

Your problem started with the addition of some hardware between the two panels. I would make sure that connection has been done properly before fiddling with anything else. Start at the source. You will probably find that perhaps there is an iffy connection there somewhere

You need to do a bandwidth test from where the AR1 is and to where the controller is and where the PCs are that are accessing Groov. If the Fiber connection is iffy, then you’ll have bandwidth problems.
Is the fiber cable yellow? If so, that is single mode and gigbit rate is the standard used, if it is orange, then they installed multimode and there is really no reason to use that fiber these days. If they used a media converter to convert to fiber it should be gigabit, but the old ones can be 100 meg. If they installed their own fiber ends (such as cam lock LC type) they may have not tested the result and the connection may be very iffy.
If you actually have a gigabit rate across the fiber then there should not be a problem unless they are using a large number of cameras or maybe a smaller number of 20 megapixel resolution multihead units and if they are not limiting the rate at which the cams are streaming. If the constant data rate is less than 100 meg, then you should not be having a problem from data rates, but if you are seeing 200+ meg and the groov is trying to run fast updates (<1 sec) then you could be running into latency issues.

So its my fault. I was having network issues with the Groov or so I thought. But the only time I have issues now is when i access groov admin from the same IP as accessing groov view, the igntion OPCUA server stops working if i am accessing both of them at the same time from the same IP if that makes any sense…

That’s a really odd one; I have no idea why that would happen. The Ignition Edge server stops running entirely? Any interesting log messages anywhere?

Yea it is still an issue for me. It has been an issue since I received the device. I don’t know why it quits running but all of the tags become null and I get the yellow exclamation point on all of them. It starts and stops. I thought it was because of the accessing it from different IP addresses but that is not the case. I have contacted customer support a couple of time about it initially, but in the end the Groov AR1 isn’t going to do everything i need it to do and we are ultimately going to go with the full ignition software platform.