Networking issues with the groov rio

I recently encountered a problem with our groov rio data acquisition node. I found the problem was that the system time had changed to 20min in the future. After some testing, I found that the groov rio could not reach the NTP servers for the correct time.

The rio is setup with a static ip and I’m able to push data to our influxdb server on the network. I am able to ping the gateway and dns servers successfully, but I’m unable to ping any public servers (ie. If I add dns server ip address, am I required to put something in the dns domain field? I’m not sure what would go there.

Thanks in advance,

Just a single ethernet connection, no usb wi-fi or openvpn configuration?

Can you post a screenshot of your network status page?

Correct, just the ethernet connection.

Thanks for the screenshots.
It is a little odd. Looks like you have done the right thing in that when you use a static IP for any of the groov devices you should also use a static IP for both gateway and DNS.
So, with those two IPs setup correctly, we are down to the question of why your gateway of is not forwarding your traffic out to the Internet?
Is your Windows PC using the same gateway address? (Check in a CMD box with ipconfig).

When you use the network tools in groov Manage to ping something like do you get a reply?
If not, try one of its IPs like
If no to both, then clearly that gateway address is wrong.