Networking 101 - IP Address, Router, Default Gateway

Hi Newbie and Experienced OptoFans,

If you’ve been to our free training here in Temecula, you got a little bit of a lesson on what’s an IP address, calculating subnet masks, etc. If you’d like a refresher, or perhaps have a coworker asking: “what’s an IP address?” or maybe you’re just starting to have your PAC talk with other devices on other networks (like the Internet vs. your LAN), then this video might be helpful to you.

It’s an hour+ webinar from TrainSignal,


but I’ve found the juicy bits for you:

[INDENT]What is an IP Address? (32-bit Network/Host) (starting @ approx. 9:10)

Rules for IP addressing (@ 17:00) - the “loopback” address - used for PAC Sim running on the same PC as PAC Control, or for configuring I/O at the same IP address as the controller the strategy runs on (@ 18:45).

Private vs. Public addresses (@ 26:20)

How devices get IP addresses including: ‘static’ vs. ‘DHCP’ (31:00)

Binary math - if you’re really digging deep (37:20)

[B]THIS IS HANDY[/B]: Let your calculator convert Binary > Decimal > Hex, etc. (46:50)

What’s a Router? Lets 2 networks connect to each other (52:52)

[B]Default Gateway = IP address of the Router[/B] (55:17)[/INDENT]

Happy Networking!

Here are a couple more videos I found that might be helpful:

[B]NICE HIGH-LEVEL OVERVIEW[/B]: How the Internet Works in 5 minutes - including IP address & Routers


[B]Cute DNS (Domain Name System)[/B] animated demo:


Do you have a favorite? Please share!