Network Cable (Xover vs straight-thru)

Just wanted to confirm which ethernet cable to use, cross-over or straight-thru.
We are using a common 5-port network switch that is connecting the Epic controller and 2 RIO modules.
First time powering it up and everything seems to be communicating OK, but just realized the network cables are “cross-over”… if I remember correctly, these are typically only used between 2 devices (like PC to PC, or controller to PC). Is it OK as is, or are could this cause comm issues? Thanks in advance!

If I’m not mistaken, nowadays the Ethernet ports are smart enough to manage the traffic. Something called Auto MDI-X. So it shouldn’t matter.

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Thanks Dan! In the past I’ve had intermittent connection issues, but with a PAC-R1 controller, and remember someone noting that the new Epic platform can decipher either cable… just wanted to double check before sending out the panel as is. (By the way, congrats on your career move!)

Thanks @andre1! Excited for this new chapter. Come on back if we can help with anything else.