Network and GROOV VIEW

This happened and can’t make sense of it… Groov screen went into not reading any value and showing all as warning sign when EPIC lost network due to switch power failure.
A TV is used a local screen directly using EPIC HDMI connection and all i/o is directly connected to the EPIC. No remote brains, RIO’s or anything. Any clue about this? Loosing the network should not affect direct HDMI groov view or am I wrong? LAN is only used to monitor the system in some local computer.
Version is 3.0.1b89…Afraid to update since I lost trends in the last update there.

In your PAC Control strategy, how have you got the I/O rack configured?
Checked the box as local, or do you have a host name or IP address in there?

Along those same lines: in groov View, do you have it configured to communicate with your over localhost or, or the system’s IP address? In the latter case losing network connectivity will cause things to break.

If everything’s local, definitely use localhost.

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Thanks!, I will have to check on that, no remote access, I’ll let you know…good point!