Negative values from Restful API analogOutputs

Hi Opto community,

Using postman to debug my app and I have encountered the following: I have an analog output from a SNAP-AOV-27, which can take values from -10 to 10 VDC which is currently set to -6.

If I make an HTTP get request to the API, getting an exact analog output I get this:

Perfect, although if I request for all the analog outputs, which is just one, I get this:

Seems like the app does not accept negative values to be returned when asking for all the analog outputs.

Thanks for helping.

It seems to be linked to the analog output point scaling.
We are looking into it…

We are still working on this… What firmware version are you on?
(Check with PAC Manager or PAC Terminal).

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Thanks for helping…

The firmware version is: R9.5a

Ah, that’s the issue then.

We have fixed that bug a few versions ago.
Please update to 9.5h or better.

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Perfect, I will do it, thank you Beno