Needing an HMI

Does anyone know of a good HMI that works well with Opto 22? I’ve been trying Beijer and have been coming up with difficulties in transferring tags to it. Any suggestions?



Hi Aaron,

I’m guessing you’ve already evaluated our HMI options: [U][B]PAC Display[/B][/U] and [U][B][URL=“”]groov[/B][/U] and they’re missing features you need… if that’s true which features would those be?

We have lots of customers using “third party” HMIs that work well with Opto 22 (or a mixture of Opto/groov + third party), but which software package(s) are best for you would depend on the features you need…

Can you tell us more about your application?


Hi Mary,

I have looked into PAC Display, but from what I’ve seen with it I would need a Panel PC or at least a windows based tablet that can handle the requirements for it. Our customers are farmers/growers, they typically like to use a more HMI approach, like the ones used for John Deere Tractors. You turn on the device and there’s the controls to operate the tractor. Do you know of an HMI that would work with OPTO 22’s Snap-Pac-R1? and can integrate the tags smoothly? So far I’ve attempted Beijer and Redlion and both are fairly complicated to get my tags imported.

Our Application:

We’re using the controller as an irrigation controller for Farmers and Growers. These controllers are usually out in the middle of a field in a filter house. The filter house can range from an actual enclosed building or on a cement platform with a rain cover. We’re needing an HMI that can hand some heat probably -10 to 60 deg Celsius.

I haven’t used one of these myself, but would a Panasonic ruggedized tablet work with PAC Display loaded on it? It’s kind of small though at 10"

I’m guessing the OP wants something that is panel mountable.
Something like this?

Take a look at Red Lion HMI choices.

AIS might have what you need. I am looking into some panel mount android tablets (to work with groov) for a mass HMI project I am thinking about.

Pending on budget I’ve gone this route and used PACDisplay

I am using a panel PC instead of the Beijer HMI (which was problematic for me (tag handling and programming limitations)). I have the panel PC set up to turn on (when power is applied) and I autorun PACDisplay after it has booted up. This works great, and to the user looks and acts almost like an HMI; except I get an event log window that pops up (everytime it powers up) that needs to be closed. Anyone have a solution to this? BTW, using a panel PC also has the advantage of allowing you to load a new strategy to the PAC controller by downloading the new strategy from a thumb drive into the panel PC, and then downloading the strategy from the panel PC into the PAC controller. If you just have an HMI, you need a computer to install a new strategy. You also have the advantage of running Debug right on the Panel PC to troubleshoot problems.

Select Configure | Runtime. Security Tab. Check Start Hidden in the Event Log Options.

I wish there was a WinCE runtime…

Hey Phillip,

I appreciate the suggestion, I’ll take a look at it.


You are correct, we’re looking for something that’s panel mountable. I’ve tried looking in some tablets as well but I’ve been having difficulties in locating an inflush mountable frame for a tablet to go with our controller.


Hey Luke,

I’ve taken a look at Red Lion unfortunately I’m coming up with the same issues as I do with Beijer, primarily tag database importing. If you have any suggestions on how to fix that I’m all ears.




Have you found any panel mount android tablets? If so could you send me a link, that might be something my boss and I could look at.



AIS makes them, but they are ~$1000 a piece and they think very highly of themselves… (read rude) I did find a Chinese supplier for panel PCs that are pretty inexpensive. Look on AliExpress. (They are all made in China anyway, right?) There are also some Android options available.

I think THIS is where I am going to source my panel PCs (I need to get a demo unit to try out first before committing). I found the 12" units are cheaper than the smaller ones.

Again, I wish there was a WinCE runtime for PAC Display. Those panel PC’s seem to be abundant, dirt cheap, and in the form factor I want… IMHO, this should be a no-brainer for industrial control.

Thanks for the info nickvnlr. I’ll take a look at them. I also agree that the WinCE version would be more economical.