Need help with local install of node-red custom nodes

I am need to install a small custom package that works at an enterprise level to create communications and layout the standard ui for our company. Is there a detail guide on how to import manually. Our file is not in an externally public repository so I cannot just install to a separate RIO then do a local backup/restore.

Please advise

Node-RED on EPIC/RIO is no different from any other Node-RED install… soo…

You will need shell to install a private package.
Download the zip file on your PC.
Copy it via groov Manage to the file area.
Then SSH into the groov device and unzip it. Does not really matter where, just make a note.
Then cd into the .node-red directory /home/dev/.node-red

and install the node package:
npm install /path/to/yourNode

The key is that npm looks for the package.json and takes it from there.
Restart Node-RED via the groov Manage menu and you should be up and running.