MYSQL Database through node-red


We are using “EPIC PR1” & MySQL database.

We have successfully logged “EPIC-PR1” data into MYSQL through Optodatalink.

But, we need to log “EPIC PR1” data into MYSQL database through Node-red.

We have configured MySQL node but we are getting “refuse connection” error.

Can anybody provides flow or steps for the same.

Thanks & Regards,

Did you install MySQL on the EPIC PR1 or is it on another PC?
If its on another PC, sounds like a firewall issue.
My guess is you are using a Windows PC and OptoDataLink worked because it was on the same PC as the Database.
You need to open port 3306 on the database PC and configure MySQL to accept external connections by commenting out the line in the config ‘bind-address’.

Thanks Beno. I have tested the things.

Thanks & Regards,