Mysql and Groov View

Is there a way to Graph data from a Mysql query?

MySQL to a PAC controller table(s) via DataLink. Then the Groov can then read it out of the Strategy table(s).
There is also probably a way to do it with Node-Red but I’m not familiar with that.

Not, there isn’t. Sticking it into tables in a strategy doesn’t work, because the Trends in groov View work over time: they can’t just pull in a table of data and render it.

You could try and be reaaaaaally clever and have something in your strategy that moves the data one element at a time into a variable that’s getting scanned once a second for trends, but that’ll take a long time to populate and once you reach the end, the trend’s going to turn into a flat line.

I guess it’s worth mentioning I am running the Groov View from the Groov AR1 Box. I dont have a Pac controller.

It depends on the query. I am currently reading a MSSQL query into a controller table (using DataLink) and then out to groov. The query updates every few seconds and the way Datalink is setup it overwrites the table in the controller on it’s scheduled refresh. So it is definitely dynamic data, I’m just not trending it because it’s string data and not anything I would trend. If it were numbers It would trend just fine.

I think there are nodes for MySQL in Node-Red to retrieve data and I think you can somehow read that into the groov. Whether or not it can be trended…? I don’t use node-red so I am not familiar with how it works.

You could run SoftPAC and DataLink on a PC (maybe the same one as the MySQL db). This doesn’t even require a running chart.

I have the Mysql node in node red. I can send data to the database and read it out. Is there any place in groov view to put it where I can visualize it?

You can only pull historical trend data out of groov (clunky at best though), you can’t put any historical data in. No way to visualize a trend that you store in your own database. There are very nice open source tools/servers that can do this though. I use grafana.

Node-RED can trend MySQL data.
Might be worth looking at and see if it will do what you want.
Otherwise, if you are happy to get your hands dirty; Plot a graph from MySQL data