My toolbox in my Pac Display Totally Disappeared?

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I cannot find my toolbox in my PacDisplay Pro When I click on show toolbox from the the view window.

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Are you using dual monitors?
Some times it shows up on the second monitor.
Also try closing the windows, it might be under a window.

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I am actually using my laptop but I tried to connect it to dual screens to find it out but no results…

Do you get an error when you toggle between hide and view toolbox?

No I do not get any error

I assume you have quit and restarted PAC Display Configurator?

Yes, I did. I am trying to download a the basic display version now to work on something

There is an option in the view menu called “Reset dialog positions”. Not sure if that will work on the toolbox though. Mine always opens to the center of the screen no matter where I leave it.