mV input for GRV-ITMI-8

Happy New Year to everyone.

I know the GRV-ITMI-8 has selections in groov Manage that allow the user the specify thermocouple type or mV, and I presume this selection incorporates the coefficients and such needed to make the measured voltage change get correctly converted.

My question is what about just regular mV being fed into the ITMI-8. Is any modification being done to those measured values when one selects mV as the input type? In my case, I am accepting a mV input of about 1100 mV with a range of ±150.0 mV. I am just curious if there is any software or conditioning being done when plain mV are fed into the ITMI-8.

Other than any filter values you may add via groov Manage, PAC Control or Codesys, no, there is no modification done.
Just a double check, you said you are putting in 1100mV with a range of ±150mV? That will majorly over-range that input. Do you mean that you would select the ±1200mv range on the module?