Multilanguage Labels in PAC Display

For an OEM customer of ours we are looking for the best way to change the labels in PAC Display based on the language package installed on the PC PAC Display Runtime is installed on. So going from English to German or French.
We can load a language recipe file to a table in PAC control and use # and “text in from controller” to get the correct label text. But we are not very happy with loading recipe files, they can easily be disturbed.

Any suggestions how to do this the best way?

Hello hvh,

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve moved this post (the “Suggestion Box” forum is more for suggestions you have for changes/additions to Opto 22 products).

I’d suggest you check out [B]this post on tables [click here][/B] which has a very similar example application.

While that example has string tables hard-coded in the strategy, you could also have the tables loaded in from a file if you expect to change them often.

Hope that helps!