MSSQL Database can store inside Groov Epic?

Currently, all data stores in local DB, having an idea to store data inside Groov Epic so we no need to store in local PC.
Is it possible that all the data could store in Groov Epic or there is a no subscribe Cloud?

How much data would you be storing?
How would you back that data up before doing a firmware update?
How are you planing on moving that data off the EPIC?

Would SQLite work for you?

Greeting Beno,

We planning to do this is because we store all the data in the PC located at the site. PC easily overheat, down or blue screen, that’s why we have the idea to store the data inside Groov EPIC. Cloud is one of the ways to ensure data safety, but we need to subscribe every month. If possible, we would like to cut down the budget. By the way, we are using the MSSQL server management studio before this.

The data no require big storage as we are not storing images or videos.
Besides, we will back up the data in our local DB as well. We will modify data in local DB and save it in EPIC.
Definitely, we need to retrieve the data from EPIC to PC. Could it possible we read the data from EPIC using PC without the 3rd party?

EPIC runs Linux, not Windows, so it will not run MSSQL.

I know a lot of customers are using SQLite, perhaps you should see if that will work for your needs.

Just FYI. Not that it will run on EPIC, but

I also have the same situation as original poster described.
groov EPIC is a quality device for collecting data.
But storing data to an SQL database is also important and the next thing to do.
But cloud database or on-premise database server require a lot to implement and also database skills is needed.

I hope someone can advise of a standalone industrial hardened device that has database already installed.

Right now, my research lead to Industrial PC with Windows IoT enterprise.
But I still don’t have more details.

groov EPIC has SQLite built in and with shell access, Maria (MySQL) can be installed.

Hi Ben,

Last time I check, SQLite is not really similar with MySQL or MSSQL, reading and writing data to and from SQLite is different or not supported by a lot of IT software. But I could be wrong.

Looks like looking for tutorial on installing Maria on Linux Shell it the next step.
Once we are in EPIC shell, it should be same as any Linux Shell?
Any tutorial installing sample app on EPIC shell?

Thank you.

Great news for this thread.
You can now install MariaDB (MySQL) or PostgreSQL onto your EPIC through SSH.