MQTT Sparkolug B message types with MQTT Sparkplug B out (2.4 KB)

I want to create all message types with “MQTT Sparkplug B out” that would work in Ignition SCADA. NBIRTH and NDATA are working but DBIRTH is rejected and I get back Rebirth control. I believe that my DBIRTH message is In accordance with Sparkplug specifications.
Does anybody know how to fix the DBIRTH message that would work in Ignition SCADA?
Can somebody share the flow in Node-Red where all Sparkplug b message types would work in Ignition SCADA (It can be with the MQTT node or with the Sparkplug B node)?

Both Node-RED and the sparkplug nodes are not created by Opto, so we will do our best to help out, but there might be some other resources you might like to follow up on as time allows.

BTW, I removed your other post since it was on a two year old thread and did not have as much detail in it as this fresh post does.

EDIT: Keep in mind that the native groov View data service works great with Ignition.
Can you back up a little and explain why you want to use Node-RED via Sparkplug vs the native Data Service?

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Thank you for your answer.
I was using the mqtt sparkplug device node, and there is a wrong historical flag (isHistorical) that Ignition rejected. According to the Sparkplug B standard, the right flag is is_historical.
Because I do not know how to repair the node itself, I want to build all message types with the mqtt sparkplug out node. I did test the is_historical flag, and it is working in Ignition SCADA.
DBIRTH is rejected by Ignition SCADA, but I do not know why. The seq number is correct, and I also do not know what would be wrong with the DBIRTH topic. I would be very happy if someone could find a mistake or if someone could share a sparkplug B flow that works (it can be a MQTT node or an MQTT sparkplug B node).

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Thanks for the breakdown, (Still not sure why using Node-RED vs groov Manage Data Service).

Sounds like the right thing to do is to raise an issue and get it looked into properly vs doing some work around.