MQTT Protocol use for EPIC datalogging in MySQL

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Can I use MQTT Protocol for EPIC datalogging into MySQL?

If yes, Then kindly provide some steps.

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While I have not done it, it should go something like this.

Configure your broker details in the MQTT node.

Here is some pseudo code for the function node.

Lastly, configure the MySQL Node with the server details and database name.

It’s working. Thanks Beno.

My Application is to punch Groov EPIC data (every 5 minutes) into database without using Optodatalink.
1)I have directly punched data using Node-red through MySQL node.
2)I have punched data using MQTT Node into MySQL.
In both case, I need to use Node-Red.

Then what is the best option, I have to choose from both?
I didn’t find any advantage of MQTT in this application. If I miss something then please tell me.

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MQTT works best if you have many sites.

To clarify, do you mean if you have many subscribers to the message queue or MQTT is best in general?

@philip Good catch, I meant subscribers.
Since he is only pushing data one way to a database, there is no advantage to MQTT in this case.

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