Mqtt egine ignition edge groov epic


what could be failing?

  1. There is no MQTT broker running on ‘localhost’. (At a guess - EPIC does not have one out of the box).
  2. Do you have an MQTT broker running on

In other words, its failing because both of those IP addresses do not have an MQTT broker running on them?

Hi Beno,

I feel the delay in answering, I can barely connect.

  1. The address belongs to Epic.
  2. Does the Ignition Edge from Epic have any broker?

this is more like a play test, knowing what can or cannot be done with the team.

that is, from the ignition installed on my Windows computer, the Mqtt Engine module appears with the connected status and I can connect to the Epic and see its variables.

I try to do the same with the Ignition Edge of the Epic, to read by Mqtt the variables of the Epic itself, but this does not have the status of connected.

I know I can do it by Opc Ua, but Mqtt Sparkplug simplifies a lot, but it is more a test, to see the possibilities of the Epic.

I think it would be worth your time to spend a few minutes reading on the Inductive Automation and Cirrus Link websites and perhaps view a few of their videos.
Keep in mind that there are three MQTT modules.
(Broadly speaking here)
Engine for subscribing.
Transmission for publishing.
Distributor is the broker.
You can install any of these modules on the EPIC, but should you?
If you are just playing around then, sure, run a broker on EPIC to see that it works, but at the end of the day take a step back and think about the system architecture you want to build, support and maintain.

you’re right, thank you.