MQTT client from Groov EPIC node red keep getting disconnected to azure eventgrid MQTT broker


I am running MQTT broker in microsoft azure eventgrid and I have generated certificates and keys to connect the Grooc EPIC nodered MQTT out client to eventgrid mqtt broker. When I deploy i could see it is connected for 10 seconds. After that it got disconnected and every few seconds it is showing connecting and got disconnected again. I have followed microsoft azure eventgrid tutorials for this and they gave examples for mqttx app for testing purpose. I am not sure what I am missing here and why it is getting disconnected every few seconds and ultimately i am not able see the sensor data in the cloud. Please help me to fix the problem. Thanks in Advance.


We have seen that connect/disconnect cycle on other customer initial setups.
It always comes down to network connections, miss-configured broker/client or certificate issues.

Can you share your network setup, both from a high level and then what the groov Manage network screens look like.
Then some screenshots of the broker and groov Manage native Data Server connection screens look like.

With that information hopefully myself, @greichert and others that have experience with different broker setups can get you up and connected.


Sorry for the delay in reply. I have fixed the issue by creating both subscription and publish permission to the topic in the cloud. Thanks

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