Moving points from Snap IO to Epic IO

I am trying to upgrade a customers PAC PRO project from a Snap system to Epic.
So, I added an IO rack for the epic inside the old PAC PRO V10 and/or 10.1 project. My issue is that when I try to copy IO points from the snap IO to the epic IO, I cant. The epic rack doesn’t even show up in the “Select a target I/O Unit” list at all. Does anyone know a way around this? This will make it pretty tedious to migrate larger projects from Snap to Epic. I had hoped to retrofit EPIC’s more than just use them for new builds.

Has there been any news on this topic?

Not that I know of. I have had some unexpected issues (in addition to the IO) moving to Epic from Snap.
Wish they would post a list of known issues to watch out for so we could be ahead of the game. Would love to learn from other users experiences faster.

Same here. Just going from Snap PAC 9.6 to 10 was a nightmare (without an EPIC) and I had to revert back to 9.6.


This is a major issue for me at the moment. I have to convert some rather large projects and having to re-create and rename IO is a nightmare.

I personally feel that Opto22 should have thought of this? Why can we not simply move IO to EPIC IO?
I am stalling on my project due to this… Can we get some answers here?

Please help!

Um… Not sure how to answer you here @Jakes… Not in a way that you are going to like at any rate…
It’s simply not on the roadmap at this point.
Your distress has been noted by the engineers…

wow - I’m really at a loss for words here. This is going to literally take me hours & hours to go through the whole strategy and replace IO. Not to mention the other projects we wanted to upgrade.

There is several things to consider before moving. I have migrated 2 snap based systems into epic pr-1. (one with 10 brains eb2 and one R1 and the other with 6 brains eb2 and a R2)

Setting the external PAC’s in the PR-1 IS pretty simple. Assuming you have your EPIC setup already it is very important to do firmware and software updates prior to try the PR-1.
NOTE: do not start the epic if you have a SNAP-PAC controller in the system running a strategy live, both controllers will drive your i/o points crazy)
I did this steps based on the pac’s i was working with:

1-Make backups before than anything, zip them so files can’t be opened by accident by pac control or display. save copies with reference to the software version, ex.
2-Download and save latest firmware for all snap i/o units you have. Opto ftp.
3-Update units firmware, restart.
4-Test if system is working (still in old version of pac etc.) if so, then…
5-Update PAC soft. to version 10 plus, open the control and display files, they will be updated to the version, check tags, etc and check if everything works so far, it will ask you to debug because the v10 file in the PC is modified from any 9.x version in the controller, do so, and test if so far all is ok then backup this new version of your strategy and display, name it again with reference to the version as zip. ex.
6-If everything works, ASSUMING you have a rack controller actually running, then the controller have to be set to I/O processor only, remove autorun flag and the strategy from it, eliminate the loopback IP and set the controller basically as brain (this is different if you have stand alone controller, if so, just power it off for now, several possible scenarios if you plan to use it as backup unit) (You can use pac manager to delete the strategy from old pac and change IP if needed)
7-In PAC control v10 add the new controller (PR1) and remove the old from the controllers list, save, debud, open display and find new controller, auto correct tags and regenerate I/O. check if everything works.
8-Backup new project again but add reference to new controller ex.

I may have missed something here, but it will be good to have a migration guide, I think the 3 more important things here are “FIRMWARE updates” “stopping/removing strategy from old CONTROLLER” and “PAC software update” DO NOT TRY EPIC IN PAC DISPLAY UNDER VERSION 10, several errors and will mess up your current file, hence the need of prior, mid and after backups.

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I forgot the part of moving the i/o points, sad but true, a mess…wasn’t possible.

In PAC control, REPLACE works but is a half solution because in the EPIC the point has to be named already, MOVE will bring all and create no issues with PAC display.