Moving Data file from Opto R2 Controller to Win10 Folder

Has someone devised a smooth method of moving/transferring a data (report) file from an Opto22 R2 controller running PAC Project Pro to a Win10 PC Data (Report) folder when an operator presses a ‘Transfer File’ button from an HMI screen. We have been using FileZilla, but it often crashes and then there is no apparent way to move/transfer that file. FileZilla seems a bit clumsy.
The Opt22 setup would be all PAC products.


Dave, rather than have the user pull the data files out of the PAC manually with FileZilla, perhaps you could run some FTP server software where you need it (on a Windows or Linux PC) and write a little PAC Control comm handle to push the data to that FTP server?
They push the button on the HMI and the strategy / chart pushes the data to the FTP server.

Another option would be the user puts their email address in the HMI and the strategy sends the file to their email address as an attachment. (But I am not sure all your PAC Controllers are connected to the Internet?)

Ben, Thanks
We more or less do that now. When the user clicks the ‘Transmit’ button from PAC Display the Opto22 R2 controller issues the command [via a comm handle] to transmit/move the complete data report file to a temporary file. Somewhere in this process [we inherited the code] FileZilla is used to either move and/or complete the processes via FTP. We have another [inherited code] that when the operator clicks ‘Transmit’ it stores the file on the R2 controller. In this instance, they store a ‘rolling’ (FIFO) of six files. The user has created their own laptop to connect via RS-232 and pulls the files to the laptop. I’m sure its FTP, but its their proprietary process. In another application that uses Linux, we use the Opto22 R2 controller API feature and then is tied to a small python routine to safely close out down Google Chrome then shut down the pc. Over the years, FileZilla has had issues, we currently do not have a way to confirm the file has been transferred to the pc (except for the user to open the folder on the pc). Once the controller is power cycled or another file is created, the previous file is overwritten. We’re just looking into ways to ‘bulletproof’ the process.

Thinking about this some more, I would consider running SoftPAC on the Windows PC.
It can then exchange information with the PAC Controller and the PC hard drive perhaps a bit more bullet proof than using FTP software.

Hmmm Sounds like something to try. We haven’t used SoftPAC before, I’ve opened it up, but never really utilized it. We’re still in the ‘caveman’ era, we’re still running 9.0. When I look in the Opto22 Start menu on my pc, I see ‘SoftPAC 9.6 & 10.2’, was there a SoftPAC for 9.0?
We really need to upgrade LOL