Moving App From Groov to PAC Control

I want to be able to create a tag from a third-party PLC (ABB PM564-Eth) in PAC Control. I can do it in Groov easily by setting up a Modbus device and adding a tag with an address that’s been setup on my ABB environment (Application Builder/CoDeSys). Easy and works like a champ. How do I do that in PAC Control?

I have the Modbus Integration Kit and I can write other Modbus devices by using the Function 06 routine but it doesn’t work for my PLC. But the Groov works fine so I think I must be doing something wrong in PAC Control.

I this belongs in the Groov forum, please let me know.



If you are able to read/write it from Groov, I think you should be able to read/write it from the PAC. Is this Modbus TCP? Can you post the parameter values you are using to call the Modbus subroutine?

I didn’t see your reply until now so I’ve been spending a little more time with this and using Modscan32 I can see that I am able to write the variable, it just doesn’t show up in the ABB CoDeSys. That’s probably because of my ignorance of that environment.

In any case thanks for your help!