Moving a Point in a High Density Module

Another probably dumb question after some explanation:

BTW: We are currently running 9.4 basic, but will be upgrading to 9.6 Pro when we are stable enough to differentiate issues related to the upgrade from other system issues.

We made an error on a PCB and 3 signals got mixed up. In the Strategy, they are read by a 32 input module SNAP-IDC-32N.

Location D5 was “Not Used”.

I moved the Point at D7 to D5, freeing D7.
I moved the Point at D6 to D7, freeing D6.
D6 is connected to a sensor, but we are not using it yet, so it is left with no Point name and is “Not Used”

I saved the Strategy.
I entered “Debug” and forced a download and write to Flash.
I started the strategy running.
I ran a short test to validate the correction.

The Strategy does not seem to reflect the changes I made.

What did I fail to do to make this work?

Thanks in advance.

Not a dumb question at all, I have had the same issue. BTW, what firmware are you using??
When I have had this happen I wind up using PAC Manager to clear the configuration from the IO unit:

  1. Status Write \ Erase Configuration from flash
  2. I Status Write \ Reset to defaults and Restart Device
  3. Then I do what you did, forcing a download, hitting run and then storing the configuration.
    This may have been fixed in current firmware but I am not sure so I use this work around.
    Let me know if this helps.
    Good Luck!

Yeah, forgot to say the Firmware revs and actual configuration. Revs are older because integration has been foreverrrrrr…

S2 – Revision 9.5d
2 EB2’s – Revision 9.4b

I will try the above.