Move string table to string table?

Hi - I do not see a function to move a string table to a string table like the instruction “move table to table”, moving a string table is not an option using this instruction.

Is there a function that does this? Or is there another way to do this other than moving every index individually?


Clarification, this is in factory floor

Hello Carrie,

Welcome to the OptoForums! You’re right, that’s not a built-in command. In PACs/Ultimate I/O you have a few options (any chance you’ll be upgrading soon)?

In both PAC Control and OptoControl you can write your own command to do this (a subroutine, check out [U][B]this post on subs[/B][/U]).

However, if you use an [B]for [/B]loop in OptoScript (the yellow hexagonal block), it’s just a few lines of code like this:

// loop through table index values 0 through 9 and move value in stTableFrom to stTableTo

for nTableIndex = 0 to 9 step 1

  stTableTo[nTableIndex] = stTableFrom[nTableIndex];


Or if you want to get a little fancier, especially if the lengths of those tables might change or might be different from each other, you can add some sanity checking before the loop like this:

// Get the lengths of my 2 string tables
nTableLength1 = GetLengthOfTable( stTable1 );
nTableLength2 = GetLengthOfTable( stTable2 );

// Figure out which one is smaller, so I don't run off the end 
nStringsToCopy = Min( nTableLength1, nTableLength2 );

// Loop through each index until we run out of them and copy from Table1 to Table2
for nTableIndex = 0 to (nStringsToCopy - 1) step 1

  stTable2[nTableIndex] = stTable1[nTableIndex];


I know OptoScript isn’t for everyone, but when it comes to strings and loops especially, it can save you some time!