Move data from Node-Red(Groov-EPIC) to .txt file(PC's Desktop Location)

I am working with Node-red running on Groov-EPIC.
Now I want to move data to the text file from Node-red.
I want to save that text file on my desktop of the PC.
Can anybody please share the steps for how to define a location in the text node?

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To the best of my knowledge you cant do that because Node-RED does not have Windows network drive capability (Samba share).

I can think of two ways to to do this, the first is via FTP.
Run your FTP server on the Windows PC, something like Filezilla Server;
And then run the FTP node on EPIC Node-RED;

The second way is to install Node-RED on the Windows PC and use the TCP node to transfer the file between the two instances of Node-RED.

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Another option to @Beno’s suggestions could be to move the file to the unsecured or secured file area on the EPIC, then use a REST request to get it onto your PC.
Check out the Manage REST API reference for more details, which can also be found under REST APIs in the Info and Help menu on the EPIC itself, which also has an interface to generate the exact request for you. The command you would want to try is /api/v1/files/{area}/content/{fileName}