Groov EPIC running Database internally?

So, our epic is running 24/7 monitoring machines, getting data.
It is time to store those data somewhere, and have a way to retrieve them.
What are my options?

  1. PAC control can append these data to a file stored locally in groov EPIC, and you can use groov manage to retrive file. but I am hesitate to give groov manage access for supervisor use. And FTP doesn’t work.
  2. Can a database run internally in groov EPIC, where PAC control can write, and external software can read database?

How much data are we talking about?
How often (frequency) is the data read/written?

Any chance you could use Node-RED?

(Why is FTP not working, that would be the most logical PAC Control solution).

Opto22 support just replied, using “ftp in browser” to retrieve file in EPIC does not work.

On this application, probably write 10 tags, at once per hour.

I am thinking if somehow, I can run a database within EPIC.
Can you explain a bit more about node-red doing this?

Support are correct, using EPIC as the server is not supported at this time, BUT, you can use PAC Control as the client and FTP files to a server.
So, if you want an all PAC Control solution, that would be the way to do it. Have an FTP server somewhere and send the data file to that from the EPIC.

10 tags an hour is not a problem.

Node-RED has data base Nodes, so you can easily write PAC Control tags to MySQL or MSSQL and other databases.
Here is a video on the topic. Feel free to ask any questions.

Opto22 - Playlist: Node-RED Workshops

To directly answer your question about a local DB… EPIC can run a database on it, but PAC Control is not going to be able to read/write from it, you would need to use Node-RED, so you may as well use Node-RED to move the data off EPIC in the first place.

Hi Ben,

I do not want to use external always on computer (FTP Server) as much as possible:

  1. Probably, I could create a groov view button, to do FTP command when pressed - so I do not need a dedicated always on server, to transfer the log file.
  2. Could I use Linux shell, to download the file from EPIC? Can I create a shell user with limited permission?

What about email? PAC Control has a ‘Send email with attachment’ command.

I’m just trying to think of ways to push the data off the EPIC rather than opening up firewall ports and have another service listening…
Shell could listen for remote connects (scp). So you could make a connection to the EPIC from another Linux PC. Is that an option?

It is a good opportunity to try email. I will try that. :slight_smile:
We only have windows here. But I tried to access the shell from windows using Putty, and it was successful.
I just do not know how to download file from shell…

PuTTY itself can not transfer files.
Install PSCP under Windows;

pscp userid@ newfilename.txt

Where is your EPIC IP address and ‘userid’ is your shell username.
This is assuming you have saved the file in PAC Control to the unsecured file area on the EPIC.
If not, just put in the path to the file that you used in the PAC Control comm handle to write the file to the EPIC.

Another option would be to use the RESTful interface;