Monitor SNAP S2 with groov AR-1

I would like to monitor the status of whether or not a SNAP controller is running. Specifically if it goes down for whatever reason, such as a power outage, I want the groov to send me an email which i can then use to text a phone. What would be the best method to do this?

Probably a bunch of ways to do this…

I would use a groov-io-input node to read MMP address: 0xF030010C, the milliseconds since powerup. Just a nice moving number from the controller, nothing more special about it than that.

Don’t hook the groov-io-input node to anything, its not needed.
If the SNAP controller goes off line, the groov-io-input node will throw an error.
Use a Catch node to catch that error.
Put the output of the Catch node into an emial node.

Hi Beno, but since i am monitoring a SNAP controller I need to use a snap pac read node. these are the options i get from this node:
how do i access the MMP address you suggest?

Just use ‘Device Details’.
As I said, the MMP is not important at all. You just need to access the device over the network every second or so… I mean, you could use the Ping Node to ping the IP address of the SNAP Controller if you want.
You just need some way to knock on the door and see if the SNAP Controllers answers - Yes or No.
The knock is not important, the answer (or lack there of) is.

Ok, I wired that in. It works, thanks.