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Module plugged or not

I would like to know if a module is correctly plugged or not even if I cannot have a visual access to modules. Is there an “IOControl command” to do that ? If not, which one can I use to generate an error in the queue error which allow me to know that there is a problem with the plug of my module ? Thanks a lot for your help
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Re: Module plugged or not

If the module is analog or serial, you can use the function Read Number from IO Unit Memory Map using as memory map address, that of the module type for the module you want to check. Use the Inspect tool of ioManager to figure out the appropriate memory map addresses. As an example, for module 0, you may read the module type at address 0xF0C00000. If the module is incorrectly plugged, you will read 0, otherwise you will read a code. You will also read 0 if the module is digital. For a list of module type codes refer to 1465_OptoMMP_Protocol_Guide.pdf chapter 2. Hope this helps!