Modern Browser Woes

Hows it going everyone?

Got another odd complication Im running into, doesnt seem to be an Opto problem in this case but Im wondering if anyone else has run into this and if so any advice that can be offered would be highly appreciated.

System is running a PR1 and Groov View, a Teguar touchscreen IPC with Windows LTSC on it, and thats it. When I got the PO I did what I always do, grab the IPC, update windows and download the latest Chrome build. Built the system, tested the logic and deployed. Got a call from the customer saying that whenever they long press a momentary gadget to say increase the speed of a motor, chrome hijacks the long press and treats it like a right mouse click. My touchscreen driver is reliable and has been ruled out as the cause, so has Groov View and Windows.

At this point I gave up and downloaded Firefox, same issue. Dont really trust other browsers to put into the field but Im open to others if theyve been vetted. I spoke with Julio at the support desk and he hasnt encountered this yet so Im hoping one of you have something I can work with. Im currently manually going through command line switches for Chrome with no luck, I can hide the popup context menu but the cursor disengages the gadget and starts highlighting text. This nuisance doesnt occur with mouse input only on touch inputs. Starting to drive me nuts.

Any ideas?

PR1: 3.5.0-b.56
W10 LTSC: 1809 17763.3165
Chrome: 120.0.6099.63

I haven’t come across that, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ll take a look into it.

Please and thank you. Its bizarre to me they dont have a toggle for that sort of thing, it seems like a pretty big oversight on their part.

I ran across the same thing with momentary buttons. It didn’t do it all the time but fixed it by using a command button with confirm writes option.