Modbus TCP with Groov Epic Codesys controller


Did any tested Modbus TCP in Groov Epic Codesys programming.

Yes, it has been test and is functional. If you would like, I can assist you, feel free to send me the details of your application. My email address is



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Been wondering about this too. Can I add in the SNAP PAC modules in codesys? Need to use modbus?
Can anyone guide as to how do I do this in codesys?

You would want to use Modbus to do this, as we have included the ModbusTCP module with our install of the Codesys Runtime Engine. You could also do this using the Ethernet/IP Scanner Module from Codesys(purchased through I have a sample program showing the setup in Codesys of the Modbus Master to a ModSim device. Let me know if it would be helpful for you (