Modbus string array

Feature request - low priority, nice to have:

Allow the groov to setup an array of string variables for modbus devices like you can for integers.

For example, I have several modbus 5 character strings that are consecutive, I would like to set this up with the start address, the length of the string (5) and the quantity of these string (10). So the modbus read will request a total of 50 bytes and store these in an array of 10 strings. Image mockup below.

Question: In the meantime, when I set these up as 10 separate strings that are consecutive, will the groov do the smart thing and make a single modbus request, or will it make 10 separate requests?

10 separate requests. The Modbus scanner’s kind of dumb and doesn’t yet batch things together when it’d make sense to do so.

Got it, thank you.