Modbus RTU Serial Connection

Hi Brains,

I was hoping you could help me with the Modbus Serial Groov Modules. I have two of the modules, and we are trying to connect Modbus through them. What is the IP address of these serial modules? I tried to put in ‘localhost’ but got nothing. Additionally, I noticed that port 502 (seemingly the default port for RTU) was not allowed by default on the Firewall. How could I communicate with these modules? I am wanting to communicate through Groov View and PAC Control PRO. Any advice on the address and port would be helpful.

I do not know of any “Modbus Serial Groov Modules”.
Are you referring to the GRV-CSERI-4 ?
If so it is different than a SNAP module. You do not use a port.
Instead you give it a name in groov manage and then use the name in the com handle in PAC Control.
Your PAC Control manual will cover how to use it starting on page 262.

Okay that makes sense - yes that is the module I’m referring to. Is it possible to use the CSERI-4 module in groov view through the Modbus Device element?

No, it only does ethernet. You will need to use the PAC Control Modbus integration kit and then groov view can get the tags from your PAC Controller