Modbus interpretation


i notice that the PQube 3 ( not PQube classic) has many more Modbus registers … using Optomary’s video on Grooving the PQube i managed to scrap through fairly successfully …however on the PQube 3 a curve ball appeared on some of the registers … so things went down-hill from there … i don’t understand the differences on “offset 0 x 1000”, “offset 0 x 2000” , “offset 0 x 6000” which are new to PQube 3, is there a calculation to insert into the Groov build “configure tags”?


Yes, OptoMary’s video was simple with just handful of registers. However, I have a groov project here with LOADs of PQube 3 registers connected, as pictured. Also, since all those tag definitions can be exported (like I just did) and imported elsewhere (like you can do in your Modbus Tags list), I will email you this export to save you some typing…

Hoping this helps/answers your question?


ModbusTags_PQube_3 (1).zip (574 Bytes)

Here are those tags, in case anyone else is interested in importing them into their Modbus Device tag list…